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Organic vs Paid Social Media Marketing

The methods of Social Media Marketing have evolved significantly over the past few years. Whereas few years ago it was more focused on creating engagement with your followers and a personal online presence, today businesses can seek to use it for conversion, sales, reaching out to new audiences and more.

Before we get into it, let’s define both strategies and how they work. Understanding the strengths and reasons for using each, will help you plan and execute your content more effectively with better results.

Organic Social Media marketing focuses on utilizing social media tools that are free to use for anyone. The main drive behind using organic content is to engage with your existing audience, keep them interested in your brand, and help develop a relationship between them and you.

Essentially, it is to build trust and reputation within your community, by developing free campaigns and sharing content that reinforces your brand’s voice. Businesses can use organic marketing to display transparency of their brand, and embrace their channels to help them stand out from their competition. This means, relatable content that sparks engagement and less ‘salesy’ type of content.

Paid Social Media Marketing is primarily used to reach new audiences beyond your current following through paid promotions. This ensures that your content gets seen by new audiences, which you can specify through targeted marketing ads. Lots of businesses are in the social commerce landscape now, and benefit from paid marketing. Whereas before, pure engagement was the bigger focus.

Paid social marketing allows you to choose what your goals are, like generating sales, driving traffic or converting leads and execute them through spending. With more businesses opting to try paid marketing, it can help you reach customers that otherwise wouldn’t have discovered your brand. You can display special offers, drive people to your website and overall raise your brand awareness across the digital space.

So, which one should your brand focus on?

Well, a hybrid of both is definitely the ideal way to go. A combination of paid and organic will help you achieve the best results. Trends show that organic reach is decreasing and investing in more paid ads optimized correctly, will help your content have a bigger impact.

This doesn’t mean there is no place for organic methods. To avoid overspending, putting out regular organic content will keep your audiences engaged and always in the loop with your content.. It’s a great way to give yourself free promotion that is vital for long-term success – especially if your content aligns with your audiences’ interests. They will stick around to see what’s next.

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